General conditions of using Faster WIFI network

General conditions of providing data service through Faster wireless network by company Faster CZ spol. s r.o. concluded pursuant to Sect. 1751 of the Civil Code, (hereinafter referred to as the “General conditions”)

1. Introductory Provisions

Vocabulary of terms: Internet – a global system of mutually interconnected computer networks.

Authorization – a process ended by either successful or unsuccessful connection to the Internet network via Faster network.

Faster network – Wifi network or LAN computer network with function of Hotspot providing access to the Internet network.

Provider – company Faster CZ spol. s r.o., Jarní 44g, Brno 614 00, ID: 60722266

User a physical person using service of the Faster network provider via its own device.

2. Subject of the General conditions

2.1 Subject of these General conditions is an agreement about the mandatory conditions which shall be abided by the User during the period of using the Provider´s services.

3. Personal data

3.1 Personal data provided by the User can be used in a manner stated in the Declaration of privacy protection (see article 8) of these General conditions.

4. Declaration of the user

4.1 The User undertakes not to act through the Faster Network in a way that might be illegal or encourage others to act unlawfully. In particular, it undertakes not to infringe intellectual property rights, not to disclose confidential or otherwise sensitive information, and not to engage in any criminal offense and to encourage others to do so. The user undertakes not to act through the Faster Network in a manner that is harassing, abusive, threatening, obscene, gross, racist, sexist or otherwise undesirable or inappropriate. He will not act as another person. He will not collect email addresses or other personal information and will not use the Faster Network to send spam. The user undertakes not to use the Faster Network to affect Faster network operation or other connected technologies (e.g., other user devices). In particular, he will not upload or download very large files and make sure the device is protected by the current version of the antivirus software. The user assures that his / her device is in compliance with the law and the prescribed standards. The user has to assure that his/her device has all necessary licenses before connection to the network and that the device is also compatible.

5. User´s liability

5.1 User is liable for all the damages, losses, costs or expenses incurred to Provider resulting from any User´s breach of these conditions (for example if he uses network for violence of the copyrights or to committing a fraud). In case that the User´s behavior gets into conflict with these user conditions, Provider may provide cooperation to the bodies/authorities or to official authority based on the request of the competent authority. User´s liability is not any restricted by these conditions.

6. Rights of the User

6.1 User has right to use data services via Faster network in such a manner which is not in conflict with these General conditions. 6.2 User can contact email address in case he/she has any remarks, warranty claims, defect announcement and requests.

7. Network functionality

7.1 Faster network is a service using connection into the public Internet network while the Provider will not charge any money to the User. There is not guaranteed availability due to technical, legal and operational reasons. The Provider can stop User´s access anytime according to his/her consideration without any reason and without any liability towards the User. The User uses Faster network on his/her own risk. Provider is not liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses resulting from using the Faster network. Moreover, the Provider is not responsible for non-functionality, loss or data damage. Usage of the Faster network is neither enforceable nor otherwise prosecutable.

8. Declaration of privacy protection

Company Faster CZ spol. s r.o. processes personal data in compliance with valid law regulations, i.e. until May24th, 2018 in compliance with act no. 101/2000 coll. (Act on the Protection of Personal Data) and with effect from the May 25th, 2018 according to European parliament and council EU regulation no. 2016/679 (on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data) which will in some way substitute the Act. Faster CZ obtains the following information for the purpose of fulfilling the conditions for the running a free wifi network:

  • Time of the device connection
  • Location of the device connection
  • MAC address of the connected device
  • Volume of the downloaded data

The purpose of gaining the data is to fulfill the conditions for the usage of free wifi network, especially to prevent free wifi network abusage due its disproportionate overload. The User has right to have information what kind of personal data is gathered and for what purpose they are used. The User has also right to influence its usage. He has right to change them or to ask for its deletion. By agreeing to these conditions, the User agrees to process the above mentioned personal data.

9. Agreement with General conditions

9.1 By marking the option “I agree with the General conditions of using the Faster wifi network”, before its actual Internet connection via Faster network, the User confirms that he is familiar with these General conditions and agrees with them. 9.2 If the User does not, from any reason, agree with at least one point of the General conditions, then he is not allowed to use the Faster network.

10. Effectiveness and change of declaration

10.1 The Provider reserves the right to change these Conditions at any time. These changed conditions then become effective when published on web portal/site of Faster company. 10.2 These General conditions become effective on May 23rd, 2018.